Wood fired roast beef

Choose your favourite joint of beef, season to your liking, and cook in the Alfresco Chef oven to add delicious wood fired flavour!

Time: This depends on the size of the joint and your cooking preference.

If you are using a temperature probe, here are the internal temperature guidelines

  • Rare – 50°C
  • Medium rare – 55°C
  • Medium -60°C
  • Well done – 70°C


  1. Fire up your oven to its optimum temperature.
  2. Once achieved, allow the wood to burn to embers and the temperature to drop to around 200°C.
  3. For a more uniformed heat, spread the embers along the back of your oven using an ember rake or brass brush and close the damper.
  4. Whilst the oven is heating up, take the beef out of the fridge half an hour before cooking.
  5. Rub your desired seasoning and oil into the meat and place into a cast iron pan or roasting dish.
  6. When your oven has reached temperature, place your beef into the oven and close the door.
  7. Rotate the beef every 10 to 15 minutes to achieve an even colouring and cook, controlling the oven temperature with the damper where necessary.
  8. Once your joint has been cooked to perfection, rest for at least 20 minutes to allow the meat to relax before serving.

Serve, Slice and Enjoy!

Tip: If the oven cools throughout the cook, use small pieces of wood or kindling to restore the temperatures – opening the damper to allow the wood to burn fully before closing again.