Whiskey Oak Smoked Red King Crab with Micro Herb Salad

I was very fortunate to have been given some Red King Crab and Snow Crab legs, claws and clusters. Lucky me!

Getting hold of King Crab is very difficult in this country, which is a shame because it is delicious and the meat is big enough to cook out of its shell…meaning more fun to cook with. My crab comes pre-cooked which means all I have to do is experiment with different barbecuing techniques and adding different smoky flavours. This recipe is all about adding a subtle Whisky Oak flavour and gentle searing to the outside to add different textures to the crab.

Firstly, I soaked some Whiskey Oak chips in water about an hour prior to lighting my Grill Dome. I then lit the Grill Dome with the deflector plates in the high position.

Once I had reached 150 C I set the vents to maintain that temperature. The deflector plates will be warmed up – perfect for gentle searing.

I first cut open the legs using a pair of kitchen scissors and removed the meat segment by segment including the claw, which, for me, is the tastiest part. I then rubbed it with olive oil, salt and pepper.

I then added the soaked wood chips to my Grill Dome.

Once I had smoke, I placed the larger segments directly onto the deflector plates and cooked for about three minutes, turning over once. I then added the smaller segments and cooked everything for a further two minutes turning once. Even though it is a brief time on the Grill Dome the crab firmed up and took on a lovely colour and flavour from the charcoal and the chips.

For the salad, I used a mix of Chilli Cress and Lemon Cress from Koppet Cress – which not only added some lovely colour but added spicy mustard and lemon anice flavour to the crab. Resulting in a great flavour blend.

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