Caramelised BBQ Pineapple and Red Berry Cup


Desserts are always forgotten when it comes to barbecuing, there are some fantastic recipes to try and this is one of them. Caramelising fruit on a BBQ is very simply because of the high temperature your BBQ can reach, making it actually easier than in your kitchen. Try caramelising bananas, figs, apples (make your own toffee apples!) and mango…

Take a pineapple, cut in half, peel and de-core – make sure you don’t cut through to the outside edge, the aim is to make a cup. If you are not feeding the kids, rub with some whisky or cognac to add a real kick. Cover thoroughly in brown sugar, inside and out.

Fire up your Grill Dome to 600 F and put a half moon deflector plate on your grill.

Hold your pineapple cup with long armed pincers and sear the outside edges directly over the heat, the sugar will caramelise very quickly and you are looking to brown all of the pineapple. To brown the inside, just hold upside down so the searing heat can reach inside. Once browned evenly, place onto the deflector plate to cook through for about five minutes. This will cook the pineapple through and soften up the flesh – allowing a crispy outside and a warm juicy inside.2

I took them off after five minutes cooking and filled them with red berries and added a pot of mascarpone. Absolutely delicious and a great summer BBQ desert.

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