Woodson Firestarter – 6 Pack

We hear all the time that people have chosen gas barbecues “for convenience” and know of so many alfresco chefs who dread trying to light charcoal whilst friends and family look on hungrily. Well, we’ve got the answer.

The Woodson firelighter removes all the stress of firing up any alfresco cooking products. 100% Eco and with a guarantee to light every time, you won’t struggle to light another fire ever again.

Simply strike a match, drop it in the top, and within 5 minutes the wax bundle and kindling will have your charcoal or wood burning perfectly. No need to buy and then fuss around with matches, kindling and starters any more!

Woodson works perfectly with barbecues, pizza ovens, chimeneas, wood-burning stoves or quite simply, wherever you need fire.

6 Pack

1 Box – 48 x 6 Pack

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