Small Grill Dome

Although we call this small – it does everything as well as an XL or Large and is ideal for taking away with you when you go camping or if you only have a small outdoor space. You can still cook a whole chicken and bake your pizza – so small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste.

The Grill Dome offers every would-be Alfresco Chef the possibility of cooking incredible food, all year round:

Traditional BBQ      Roasting       Low and Slow

Smoke      Outdoor Baking Oven      Pizza Oven      Searing

A Grill Dome is for life, never to be replaced and is purchased by Alfresco Chefs that truly understand what good outdoor cooked food is all about.

Grill Domes come pre-assembled so you are ‘Ready to Cook’ as soon as it arrives, just unpack and start.

Ready to Cook’ means each Grill Dome comes with the following:

Grill Dome, Indirect Rack, Ash Tool, Grill Gripper,

Pizza Stone, Stand



What makes a Grill Dome different from other ceramics ?

Over the past two decades, Grill Dome ceramics have evolved from its original recipe to NGII ceramics and now our latest generation: Terapax

Ceramics. Terapax optimizes the two most important qualities for ceramics – porosity and density and is a blend of seven natural ceramics. Terapax can withstand 200 degrees more than the previous generation and the Grill Dome firebox can withstand temperatures of over 1200 F.

Terapax Ceramic – not all ceramics are created equal.

Grill Domes come with a Lifetime Warranty on its ceramics. That’s how much we believe in the quality of our Grill Dome.

Just take a look at them; they really are a stunning piece of kit. Choose from five beautiful colours with no dimples in sight. Choose the best colour for your Alfresco kitchen, the decision is yours: Black, Red, Silver, Blue or Copper.

Grill Dome ceramics are up to TWICE as thick as other ceramics, twice the thickness means greater heat retention capacity and superior thermal efficiency.

Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel standard. Grill Dome only uses high standard stainless steel for hinges, bottom damper, nuts and bolts. So no rust !

Grill Dome, is one of the newest ceramic makers and have been making quality kamados since 1989, they are continuously looking for ways to stay one step ahead. One innovation is the heavy-duty stainless steel Featherlight Hinge system that allows you to open an 80lb lid with just one finger.

Grill Domes don’t look like other ceramics, they aren’t made with dimples and they don’t glaze because, unlike other ceramics, Grill Dome don’t use glazes. They bake on the paint; each unit goes into the oven three times to ensure superior heat retention and a beautiful finish that lasts.

Weight 45kg
Grill Diameter 13″
Cooking Surface Area 135 square inches
Total Square Inch with Grill Extender 260 square inches
Family Size 2 to 4

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