At the Alfresco Chef, we’re passionate about the flavours of wood fired food and the wide variety of wonderful dishes you can create.

Our innovative and extensive range of outdoor and indoor cooking solutions will ignite both your enthusiasm and curiosity for wood fired cooking.  We’ll equip you with everything you need to wow your friends and family with fantastic flavours.

From easily portable wood fired pizza ovens and fun accessories through to different types of fuels, you can get everyone involved in creating delicious food together.

We also give you access to expert advice from our chefs, new recipes and flavours from all over the world and the chance to learn new ways of cooking.

Wood Fired Ovens

The Alfresco Chef’s wood fired ovens are versatile, fun and easy to use and not just for pizzas either. You can roast, bake or barbecue different foods and dishes, with a guaranteed authentic wood fired flavour with every bite. Let's go

Oven Essentials

We’re making the job of the pizza enthusiast easier! Our innovative outdoor cooking hardware and accessories give you the tools you need for all wood fired oven cooking and maintenance needs – and of course protecting your equipment against the elements. what you need

Pizza & Cooking Accessories

From stainless steel pizza cutters and Acacia wood peels to get your pizzas from the oven to table, to cast iron skillets for roasting, we have a comprehensive range of cooking accessories to make your job as easy as pie. Show me the range

Fuel for food

We’ll get you cooking delicious home-made pizzas in an instant! Our kiln dried wood and Woodson fire lighters help you get your oven fired up in no time at all. No need to order that disappointing takeaway, you can make the delicious pizza you want at home. Burn baby burn

Take a peek at our weekly best sellers.

Week in, week out, we’ve got a whole host of different cooking ideas and equipment to fire your imagination for food.

Taking pride in our range with warranties and guarantees.

When cooking outdoors you want high quality, durable products that will enhance your experience and give you peace of mind. The Alfresco Chef wood fired ovens are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for up to three years, helping to protect your equipment.