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[Jack’s Blog] … Who is Jack?

Hi there,

I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Jack, from Jack’s Meat Shack.

A self-confessed BBQ foodie, I am never happier than creating, cooking, and eating anything outdoors. Come rain or shine, you will find me outside experimenting with my BBQS.

I have always loved to cook and was inspired at an early age by my nan, who was always in the kitchen creating wonderful smells and flavours, most of what can now be described as great British Classics. She was renowned for her roast beef, sausages and homemade chips and her awesome meat patties that my family would love to fight over.

I have always had my head buried in cookbooks and about 15 years ago I bought my first BBQ.

Since that day, my passion and knowledge has grown from what we all know as the traditional British BBQ to now experimenting with different fuels, cooking methods and techniques. From grilling, smoking to low and slow – I have tried and tested the most unusual cuts of meat and ingredients you would never expect to eat from a BBQ.

All I can say is, I was well and truly hooked! and two years ago Jack’s Meat Shack was born.

Through my social media channels and website, I share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of outdoor cooking through recipes and cooking videos.

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A year ago my wife ‘Mrs Jack’s Meat Shack’ started the keto diet…  meaning I had to stop my usual use of tasty sugar loaded BBQ rubs and seasonings and find a solution to allow me to continue cooking flavour packed meals for us both.

Struggling to find a product in stores, I saw a gap in the market and started to create my own seasoning packed with flavour but with No Added Sugar.

Perfecting the blends and recipes for use on meat, fish and veggies. My seasonings are now packaged as a range and are available to purchase at a variety of BBQ specialist stores and websites including The Alfresco Chef and my own website

Although I have tonnes of recipes and videos on my website, I have teamed up with the Alfresco Chef to show you how easy it is to create tasty dishes with real wood fired flavour. Check out some of the videos and recipes I have shared so far on the chef zone.

I will continue to share and update the Alfresco Chef with my favourite wood fired creations to inspire you on your next Alfresco Cook.

Cheers! Jack