“PIZZAIOLO” Pizza Making Kit

The kit “pizzaiolo” has everything to make the best authentic Italian pizzas. All the tools are Made in Italy and food safe certified.

Round peel

Oven rake: for moving the embers.

Peel: to put the pizza safely in the oven

Brush: for effective cleaning of your oven.

Small paddle: made of steamed beech wood.

Dough ball box: guarantees the proper air conditions and maximum hygiene for the rising process.

Small paddle: to simplify handling the dough

Pastry cutter: perfect for cutting dough evenly.

Pizza wheel cutter: stainless steel blade to cut the pizza with precision

Heat-resistant glove:

Spruce chopping board : perfect for cutting the pizza into equal parts

Infrared thermometer: measure the exact temperature for the perfect even bake

Cookbook: recipes designed for your Alfa Pizza wood fired oven.

We have selected for you the best tools to make pizza at home

The Kit is available in three versions which vary with the peel length: kit pizzaiolo 90 cm, kit pizzaiolo 120 cm and kit pizzaiolo 175 cm.

120cm for 4 Pizze, Allegro or Duetto

90cm for Ciao or 5 Minuti


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