Pizza E Brace

The Pizza and Brace is the compact and versatile Alfa Pizza oven available in both gas and wood. Positionable anywhere due to its more compact design, this oven is perfect for any sized garden. The flip open door becomes a shelf making it easy to use when space is limited and the wide mouth allows you to cook pizza on one side and roasts on the other. The perfect urban choice.

  • Light weight makes it suitable for gardens and balconies
  • Tipping hinged counter makes a convenient shelf for placing food
  • Easily cooks 3 kg of bread with every oven load
  • Inner dome is made of thermal, light and robust stainless steel
  • Wheels for easy movement both indoors and outdoors
Minutes to heat up: 15
Number of pizzas at a time: 3
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 12
Bread baking (kg): 3
Average consumption (kg/h): 3
Floor area (mq): 0,32
Cooking floor (cm): 80×40
Flue (cm): ∅ 15,0
Width (cm): 93,8
Depth (cm): 52,0
Total height (cm): 197,0
Weight (kg): 105
Mouth width (cm): 59,5
Available colours: Antique Red
Maximum temperature (°C): 400

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Grills 1kg at 300°C
Cooks 3 at 350°C
Bakes 3kg at 220°C

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