Forno 4 Pizze

There’s no surprise Forno 4 Pizze is our worldwide best seller, with lateral shelves and peel hooks for effortless movement and enough space to cook four pizzas at once. You’ll find this Alfresco oven is perfect not only for pizzas but all your outdoor catering needs, including meat, fish, bread and vegetables. It’s time to indulge in all your favourite outdoor cooking recipes with 4 Pizze.

  • 3 interchangeable refractory tiles in floor to store heat
  • Stainless steel dome reaches high temperature with little wood consumption
  • Ceramic fibre insulation for long-lasting warmth
  • Pyrometer indicates combustion chamber temperature
  • Wooden door handle for easy draught adjustment
  • Built-in rear castors allow easy movement
  • Convenient holder stores tools required for cooking on a wood fire
  • Large functional side shelves enhance design for easy preparation
  • Delivered almost ready for use – simply insert flue and assemble the trolley
Minutes to heat up: 20
No. of pizzas at a time: 4
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 14
Bread baking (kg): 4
Average consumption (kg/h): 4
Floor area (mq): 0,48
Cooking floor (cm): 80×60
Flue (cm): ∅ 15,0
Width (cm): 155,0
Depth (cm): 88,0
Total height (cm): 202,0
Weight (kg): 140,0
Mouth width (cm): 68,0
Mouth height (cm): 22,0
Available colours :  Copper, Antique red
Maximum temperature (°C): 400

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