Fiesta Barbecue

The Fiesta Barbecue outdoor oven offers double functionality for excellent results. The most desirable and high performing, our Fiesta Barbecue combines the advantages of a large oven with those of a big barbecue for a bold addition to your Alfresco kitchen. The professional wheels ensure the large size does not hinder mobility and the sloping roof offers great protection from the elements.

  • Convenient cooking – pizza & bread in the oven | meat & fish on the side grill
  • Easily cooks 7 kg of bread with every oven load
  • Inner dome is made of thermal, light and robust stainless steel
  • Generous space under the oven for wood storage
  • Fast heating – takes half the time compared to ovens with refractory domes
  • Wheels for easy movement both indoors and outdoors
Minutes to heat up: 25
Number of pizzas at a time: 7
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 20
Bread baking (kg): 7
Average consumption (kg/h): 7
Cooking floor (cm): 120×90
Flue (cm): ∅ 25,0
Width (cm): 189,0
Depth (cm): 127,0
Total height (cm): 228,0
Weight (kg): 340,0
Mouth width (cm): 54,0
Available colours: Black
Maximum temperature (°C): 400

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Grills 4kg + 2kg at 300°C
Cooks 7 at 350°C
Bakes 7kg at 220°C

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