Calore is the indoor wood-fired oven with a dual functionality. Calore cooks delicious pizzas as well as heating up the room thanks to its integrated ventilation system. Internal fans switch on at the push of a button to instantly spread the heat created from cooking through the room. Perfect for bringing the great taste of the outdoors inside when the weather is cold, with the added bonus of reducing your heating costs.

  • Temperature resistant stainless steel and powder coated parts
  • 2 interchangeable refractory tiles in floor to store heat
  • Easily cooks 4 kg of bread with every oven load
  • Stainless steel dome reaches high temperature with little wood consumption
  • Ceramic fibre insulation for long-lasting warmth
  • Pyrometer indicates combustion chamber temperature
  • Generous space under the oven for wood storage
  • Tipping hinged counter makes a convenient shelf for placing food
  • Large heat-resistant glass ceramic window to supervise dishes while they cook
  • Multipurpose compartment to keep essential cooking tools within reach
  • Built-in rear castors and removable base allow easy movement
Minutes to heat up: 20
Number of pizzas at a time: 3
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 12
Bread baking (kg): 4
Average consumption (kg/h): 4
Floor area (mq): 0,40
Cooking floor (cm): 80×50
Flue (cm): ∅ 18,0
Width (cm): 90,0
Depth (cm): 71,3
Total height (cm): 158,0
Weight (kg): 185,0
Mouth width (cm): 58,0
Available colours: Pearl, Antique Red
Maximum temperature (°C): 400

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Grills 1.5kg at 300°C
Cooks 3 at 350°C
Bakes 4kg at 220°C

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